Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ballet Classes!

Analeah started a ballet/tap dance classes yesterday! It was so cute to watch all of those girls dance around in their tights and slippers. Most of the girls just ran around and didn't listen very well, but Analeah was intrigued and did everything the teacher asked! She was SO CUTE!
Analeah empezo un clase de ballet ayer. Son tan preciosas para ver las ninas en sus trajes! Mucha de los ninas no se portaban bien, pero analeah estuvo obediente!!! Tan Preciosa!

Take a look at the most hilarious video. Watch 2-3 year olds learn how to dance. Analeah had a blast! She dances all the time around the house.

Este video es de el primer dia de los clases de baile para Analeah. Estaba chistoso! Ella baile en la casa siempre!