Monday, April 14, 2008

A crazy couple of Weeks/Las Semanas Locas

Since David was sent to London for 2 weeks, the girls and I had a blast. Ha Ha. I thought I would take a picture of the girls holding signs that counted the days Papi was gone. After the second day, I gave up trying to get a good pictures, and let David imagine the rest.

Queria que David me ayuda con el espanol, pero despues de mucha espera, voy a tratar.
David fue a Londres para 2 semanas para su trabajo. Pense que tomara fotos de las ninas con el numero de dias, pero despues del segun dia, pare. Las ninas no tomaban buenas fotos:) con papeles.

After 3 days, we went home to Sanford. We had such a good time. We flew from San Diego to Colorado Springs. Sofia slept the whole way there (thank you Benedryl!) and Analeah colored and played with cards. It was great! I kind of got caulky and thought, wow, my kids are such good air travelers (read on for the flight home.....)
Despues de 3 dias, las ninas y yo fuimos a Sanford. Tuvimos un gran tiempo con los abuelitos. Sofia se durmio en el avion gracias a la medicina para dormir :) y Analeah jugo con tarjetas y se pinto en su libro. Senti orgullosa porque mis ninas estaban muy obedientes y lindas (lea mas despues para el avion de regreso hee hee)

The girls were great with the grandparents. We had a lot of fun.
Las ninas les encantaron con los abuelitos.

Analeah loved playing outside in the yard. It even snowed especially for her. She said, It's Christmas when she woke up to snow outside. Mom has more pictures on her camera.

Analeah le gusto a jugar afuera, habia nieve tambien, especialmente para ella! Pensaba que era la Navidad.
Sofi was the little rebel this trip. She got into EVERYTHING! All the cupboards and drawers, magazines, movies, toys, dad's tools, mom's tupperware and the most exciting . . . the QUIK powder. I wish I had taken a picture with my camera, but mom's was the closest. She had that chocolate powder spilled all over herself and the floor. It was finger lickin' GOOD! She had the stairs mastered the first try, and it only took once touching the stove (when it was almost out) for her to stay away from it. (It might have been that she steered clear of the entire area because she got her head stuck between the railing like a calf in the branding pen! ha ha Poor little moo cow!)
Sofi estaba macriada. Se meto su mano en todas las cosas de mi mama. Encontro la chocolate en polvo. Tenia en todo su cuerpo, manos, boca . . . Tenia miedo porque hay escaleras en mi casa, pero aprendio muy rapido, arriba, abajo, arriba, abajo. Tambian tenia miedo el fuego que usamos para calentar la casa. Pero, toco un tiempo, y miro a su mano. No se quemo mucho. Despues, no toco otra vez.
Analeah was a big helper over the week. She helped Dad haul in wood and mom clean. She found some loose change on Dad's night stand while he was away, so she brought it to me and asked if she could have it. I told her that it wasn't hers, but maybe if she asked Grandma and Grandpa, she could do some jobs to earn the money. The minute Grandma got home, Analeah asked "Can I do a job for Money?" My three year old earned $2.50 that night (Thanks Mom Dad and Papa!) She paid her tithing last Sunday and she was super excited and proud to give it to the Bishop. We're proud of her too.
Analeah ayudo mi papi a trabajar... a traer la madera para el fuego, limpiar la casa con mi mama . . Encontro dinero en el cuarto de mi papi. Me pregunto si puedo cojer. Le dije no. Pero, le dije si quiere dinero, puede preguntar a la abuelita si algo para trabajar para el dinero. El momento que mi mam llego al trabajo, analeah le pregunto si hay algo trabajo para ganar dinero. Mi mama con una sonrisa, le dio unos trabajas. Cuando llego a California ha ganado $3. Sentio muy grande, y en domingo le dio al obispo su diezmo!
As you all know, Analeah is into princesses. So Grandma decided to make her a princess dress. So we bought this Satin, Glittery material for $1/yard at Walmart. Mom made the dress and Nuni loved it. She wore it all day, everyday the entire week. The only sad part is that if we wash it, nothing will be left of it, because it frays so badly.

Analeah esta encantada con princesitas. La Abuelito le hizo un vestido de princeses. Analeah se visto cada dia con su vestido!
The night before we were supposed to go home, I went grocery shopping for dinner. I only had my driver's license and some cash. no purse, no pockets. So when I got home I had to bring in the girls and the groceries. It was really cold so I wanted to only make one trip. I put my driver's license in the bags and brought them in. I forgot about them. Uh too late. Mom threw the bags in the trash, and then lit the barrel! My driver's license was burned to ashes. We dug through the ashes that night and again the next morning! We were so worried that I wouldn't be able to get on the plane, because I had no other ID. The next morning we went to the county clerks office and got a birth certificate for me and then headed to colorado springs in a snow storm, praying they would let me on the plane. They did, with my birth certificate and my debit card that has my picture on it. ADVICE:Take two forms of ID on any trip.

El dia antes que ir a California, pone mi licencia de manejar en una funda con comida (porque no tenia bolso) mi mama me boto, y se quemo en la basura! No tenia identificacion para ir en el avion! Tenia mucho miedo. En la manana fuimos a obtener un certificado de nacimiento, y con eso y un photo de un tarjeta de credito, podia entrar el avion!

This isn't me, but you get the idea:) No es mio, pero es como el de abajo!