Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

We made cookies for Halloween. Nuni decorated her own cookie and put all the best things on it! Yummy!!
Hicimos las galletas para Halloween. Analeah puso todos sus cosas favoritos en su galleta! MMMMMMM!
Our Ward Trunk or Treat Halloween Party.
La Fiesta para Halloween en Nuestro Barrio

Our little Ladybug!

Nuestra Mariquita!

Our Little Princess!/Nuestra Princessa!

The Costume Parade
El File de los trajes

Sorry for all the posts. I just needed to catch up on all the things happening around here.
Lo siento para todo las fotos. Solamenta queria poner todas que tenia.

Our 1/2 Day with Cary/Nuestra dia medio con Cary

Cary came to visit us last Monday night and stayed until noon the next day. She was in Anaheim for a conference and had a little extra time to come see us. We were so happy to see her. We played Candyland, put puzzles together and just hung out. Since she came during the big fires, we couldn't go up to get her because the freeway was jammed. So she came to us. Thanks Cary!
Cary nos visito el lunes pasado y quedo hasta el proximo dia. Estaba en Anaheim para una conferencia para BYU y tenia un tiempo para nosotros! Ella vino durante los encendios y no podemos ir al aeropuerto para cojerla. Entonces ella vino aqui. Gracias Cary!

Our Little Photographer/Nuestro pequeño fotógrafo

So I found these pictures on our camera. I wonder who took them! Ha Ha

Encontre esas fotos en nuestra camera. Quien tomo? Analeah!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Dora Crab Dance/El Baile de Cangrejos de Dora

You can't hear her, but she is singing "Shake your body like a crab", a song from Dora. She twirls around opening and closing her fingers like a crab. It's really funny!

No puede escuchar, pero esta cantando una cancion de Dora "Mueve su cuerpo como un cangrejo!" Abre y ciere sus manos como cangrejos. Es muy chistoso.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

At our Back Door

Here are some pictures from a ward member's home. The fire was a one of the gates of Camp Pendleton, less than two miles away. Many members evacuated to the Church. We were all waiting, but thankfully the fire was 100% contained. No homes were burned. The Lord is watching over us.
Aqui hay fotos del fuego en camp Pendleton (EEUU militar) menos de 2 millas de la casa de nosotros. Unos miembros de nuestro barrio tomoron las fotos. Gracias a Dios, los fuegos se pararon y todos estan seguros. El Senor nos protege siempre.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Local Fires/Los Fuegos

As you may have heard there have been terrible fires here in southern California. So far about 1000 homes have been burned and hundreds of thousands of acres. The nearest fire is 5-10 miles away. About 300,000 people have been evacuated. So far here in Oceanside, all has been quiet! Hopefully it will stay that way. Here is a picture of a friend's house near David's work. David said yesterday that he went to the roof of his building and could see the fire. The electricity was out for quite awhile as well. They have contained that fire though. They have warned if the winds don't die down there is a possiblity that the fires could go all the way to the ocean. We're pretty close to the ocean, and it doesn't look as if the fire is going to move much this way. We'll wait and see. I'll keep you updated.
Hay unos fuegos aqui en el sur de California. Los fuegos se destruieron casi 1000 casas y muchas acres de la tierra acerca de San Diego. Aqui en Oceanside todo esta normal. Ojala, se queda asi. Aqui es una foto de la casa de una amiga que vive acerca del trabajo de David. Ayer David me dijo que puede ver el fuego en el techo del edificio de su trabajo. Pero hoy dia ese fuego ha parado. Si los vientos no se paren, dicen los profesionales que el fuego puede ir hasta el mar. Estamos solamente 5 milles del oceana entonces ojala no viene mas cerca. Voy a escribir mas tarde cuando escucho mas noticias.

This is what the sky looked like yesterday from our apartment. Today we woke up and the entire sky was smoky and red. Yuck!

Ayer el cielo estaba asi, pero hoy dia despertamos con todo el cielo con humo rojo.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New News/Noticias Nuevas

So Analeah knows a new song. She watched Madagascar for the first time at a friend's house. Now she goes around singing "I like to "mood" it "mood"it. I like to mood it mood it. She does the intonation and everything. You'll have to watch the movie if you don't remember the song.

Whenever I ask Nuni to do something, and she is kind of slow doing it I say "rapido" so she'll hurry up! We get that from Mom! The other morning I was working. She has a write and wipe book and was writing all of the letters. Anyway she said "Mommy I need a wipe!" I said, "Ok, go and get one" She said, "You go!" I said, "Please?" She said, "Please mommy?" So I tried to finish rating an essay that I was reading and was planning on going. Pretty soon she yelled "Mommy rapido! Go and get a wipe!" Children have a good and truthful way of telling you just how you really are. I guess I should watch what I say!

Sofi can now blow kisses. If you make kissing sounds, she'll give them back to you. If you put her lips to your cheek, she'll blow. Its really cute. Still no crawling, and no attempt at moving anywhere. Guess we'll wait and see.

Analeah ya sabe otra cancion nueva. El otro dia, miro a la pelicula "Madagascar". Tiene una cancion que dice "I like to move it move it. I like to move it move it." Analeah ya dice "I like to mood it mood it" Es muy chistoso.

Cuando yo necesito que Analeah haga algo, le digo "Rapido" para ella hace mas rapido. Una manana yo estaba trabajanda en la computadora. Analeah estaba jugando con un libro que pueda escribir y borrar. Entonces me dijo, "Mami, necesito un trapo para borrar!" Le dije "Por favor?" Me dijo, "Por favor Mami" Entonces le dije, "Ya te traigo" Yo queria terminar algo entonces no fui rapido. De repente me dijo "Mami, traigame RAPIDO!" Me da risas porque ya se como yo soy. Los ninos son honestos!!!

Sofia ya puede dar besitos. Si hace el sonido de un besito, ella hace tambian. Si se pone sus labios en tu cachete, ella hace un besote!!! Todavia no mueve!! Esta contenta a sentirse! Tal vez en el proximo mes!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Analeah!

Here are some pictures from a party we had a Chuck E Cheese for Analeah. We invited some families from our ward. They had such a fun time. They were so tired that they were asleep before we hit the main road.
Aqui hay mas fotos de una fiesta para Analeah. Invitamos a unas familias de nuestro barrio. Analeah se divertio mucho con sus amigitos. Se durmio en el carro en el camino a casa.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So we haven't posted anything for over a week. Sorry! I have tons of pictures, but we've been babysitting/house sitting for a family for the past week, so I haven't been home. I'll get them posted at the end of this week though. Hope everyone is doing well.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday ANALEAH!!!!

Analeah had a fun time on her birthday. We wish all of you could have been here to celebrate with us. We only had a little party with cupcakes. Her real party will be next week since it was General Conference.

Analeah tuvo un dia muy especial para su cumpleanos. Tuvimos una fiesta pequeno porque estaba la conferencia general. Vamos a tener otra fiesta el proximo semana. A Dora Tent/Una carpa de Dora
Our princess!/Nuestra princesa!
Opening gifts. Thanks Grandma!/Abriendo los regalos. Gracia a la abuelita!
A chalkboard/whiteboard easel just her size!/Una pizarra de su tomano!
A princess cellphone/Un telefono de princeses!
Playing playdoh with Papi!/Jugando con Playdoh con Papi!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Family Pictures/ Las fotos profesional de la familia

Everyone should be getting their own pictures, but just wanted to share them with all.

This one didn't scan in too well because it was bigger than my scanner by about 1/4 inch. I'll have to do it again, but until then, . . .

Growth and Development/El crecimiento

So Sofia is now big enough to fit into Nuni's shopping cart. I would like to say that Nuni put her in there, it would make for a really funny story. But I have to admit that David and I did it while Nuni was sleeping. Sofi is eating up a storm--now entire baby food jars at a time. She loves sweet potatoes and squash. Not to keen on peas, (who is when its the baby version??) but still eats them. She won't eat baby cereal, but Nuni slips her fishy crackers once in awhile, and really loves those.
Sofi esta en el carrito de Nuni. David y yo pusimos aji. Nuni estaba durmiendo, entonces tomamos esa foto. No queriamos dejar a nuni a ver, tal vez quisiera probar!!!! Sofi yah coma bastante, los jarritos de comida de bebe. Le gusta la calabaza y papas dulces. No le gusta mucho los alverjitas, pero quien le gusta a esos????

******************************WARNING SPOILER!********************************

A sneak peek at Halloween! Our little ladybug. . . errrr, little round, fuzzy thing ha ha!!

La Sofi va a ser una maraquita para Halloween.

So you caught me. I love to dress my daughters the same. I know, I used to hate it, but they look so cute, and I have to do it while they still let me. We had to get Nuni's 12 mo clothes out because Sofi has outgrown all the 9 month stuff-----aaaagggghhh! Should I be worried??? But she's soooo cute.

Aqui tenemos las ninas en ropa identical. Cuando yo era nina, no me gusta ponerme ropa como mi mama o mis hermanas. Pero, ahorra yo quiero hacerlo. Tengo que hacer antes que ellas dicen No! La ropa de Sofi es el talle 12 meses. No le queda la ropa de 9 meses. Ya esta grande!!!

I just tried to upload a video but it didn't work, so I'll have to work out the kinks and do it next time.

Trate te de poner un video pero no funciono. Entonces voy a tratar otro dia.