Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's been awhile!

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the 2 month lapse in posts. You know how it goes. Here are a few random shots of us during the last month or so.

Sofi and Analeah building robots with blocks.
Construyendo con bloques.
We loved having Aunt Cary come to visit. Thanks Cary, it was so great to spend some time with you. The girls think about you often.
Gracias a Cary para visitarnos. Las ninos te adoran!

The girls showing off their princess nightgowns. It all started when Analeah watched Peter Pan and noticed that Wendy had on a "night" dress. Ever since then, she has wanted one. She wears it every night! In this picture they are dancing. Silly girls.
Las ninas recibieron unos "vestidos de noche" (Las palabras de Analeah) Empezo cuando Analeah miro la pelicula "Peter Pan" y vio Wendy con sus pajamas.

Balboa Park

We went up to Balboa Park with David's Aunt and Cousin. The girls rode the merry go round, and absolutely loved it. I got dizzy:)
The girls playing in the water in one of their beautiful gardens.
Las ninas jugando en un fuente en los jardines en el parque.

David's Aunt and Cousin, at the beach.
La Tia, y Mayi

Pinewood Derby

Analeah participated in our ward's pinewood derby. She had a great time painting the car, and she was so proud when they called her name to take her car up to the start of the race track. As you can see from the last photo, she was pretty sad that she didn't win:)

Analeah participo en una competicion de caros en nuestro barrio. Construyemos el caro, y ella pinto. Tenia orgullo a poner su caro en el puesto. Estaba un poquito triste porque no gano:)