Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pictures at the Temple

Sleeping Beauty

Sofi usually gets tired in the afternoon, but rarely takes a nap. This is how I found her the other day.
Usualmente la Sofi tiene sueno el los tardes, pero no le gusta descansar. Encontre a Sofi el otro dia. Sleeping Standing Up
Se Durmio Parada

Analeah's Haircut

Analeah has been begging me to cut her hair all summer. It's just too hot. She refuses to wear it down. She hates when I comb it. She sweats at night. So finally I took her to Great Clips and they cut off 6-7 inches. She was so excited and felt so important! I wanted her to donate it, but it just wasn't long enough and she would have had to cut it really short to do so. So this is her experience:)
Analeah queria cortar su pelo todo el verano. Hace mucho calor, no le gusta su pelo suelto, no le gusto peinarse porque le duele. Finalmente, la lleve a la peluqueria. Cortaron 6-7 pulgadas. Estaba muy animada y se sintio muy importante. Yo queria que lo donara pero no tenia suficiente.

I still need to get a good shot of her with her new style:)
Todavia tengo que tomar una foto bueno con su nuevo estilo!