Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Analeah and Sofi were princesses for Halloween (big surprise there) David's mom made these dresses for them the last time we went to Ecuador. They were so cute! and matching! Anyway, we had a ward trunk or treat at the Church and then we went trick or treating!
Analeah y Sofi se vistaron como princesas para Halloween! La abuelita (Mariana) hizo unos vestidos precisos cuando fuimos a Ecuador en Junio. Las ninas estaban tan lindas! Tuvimos una fiesta de nuestro barrio y fuimos Trick or Treating ayer.

The Cake Walk

I wish I took some pictures, but trick or treating was hilarious. Sofi couldn't believe that people were just giving her handfuls of candy. After they did so she would just giggle and run to the next door. She wouldn't let us carry her bag of candy at all--it was hers! It got so heavy she decided that the stroller would be a good place for it to go. She defensively held on to the stroller to make sure I didn't take it away. Everyone thought they were so cute!These pictures are afterwards.
Trick or treating fue chistoso. Sofi no creia que la gente le dio caramelos. Depues de cada casa, se reia y queris ir a otro puerto. Fue muy defensiva de su funda de caramelos y no nos dejo a ayudarla. Despues se puso los caramelos en el carrito. Las fotos estan despues de la experiencia!


Analeah got some princess shoes for her birthday. Whenever I told Sofi to go get some shoes on, she would choose Analeah's princess shoes! They are so big for her, and she always falls, but she loves them. So Grandma sent her a pair to be like her sister! The photo is kind of blurry. They kept moving a curtsying!
Analeah recibio unos zapatos de princesses para su cumpleanos. Cada vez que le dijo a Sofi a escojar unos zapatos, escoja los zapatos de princeses. Son muy grandes, y siempre se cae pero le encantan. Entonces, la abuelita la mando unos de su mismo. La foto es borosa :( We had some ice cream and I couldn't resist taking some photos of their faces. Sofi with her cheesy grin and Analeah like a model poses for the camara!
Comimos helados y no podia resistar a tomar fotos. Sofi tiene una sonrisa chistosa y Analeah es como una modelo!

San Diego Temple

One of David's Mission Companions and his wife came down to visit. We met at the temple. The girls and I hung out outside while they went in. Sofia threw up all over on the way their, so I bought the girls new outfits. What a good excuse to shop! Afterwards we went and ate. Thanks for visiting Davis and Asialene! We really enjoyed seeing you. Come back again!
El companero de la mision de David y su esposa nos visitaron y fuimos al temple. Las ninas y yo hicimos compras porque la Sofi se vomito en el carro. Necesitaba ropa nueva. Entonces compre para las dos! David y los Smith se fueron adentro el templo. Despues fuimos a comer. Gracias por visitarnos David y Asialene! Que gusto verlos! Regresan pronto.