Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmas!

Christmas Eve Party--Just Us
La fiesta!David made a delicious turkey! needless to say we will be eating a lot of turkey sandwiches in the months to come.
David hizo un pavo delicioso. Vamos a comer muchas sanduches de pavo en las meses que vienen. ji ji. Eating/Comiendo

Opening a present from Grandma on Christmas Eve (She had to wear her new pajamas for Christmas morning!)
Abriendo un regalo de pijamas. Queria que la pone para la manana de navidad.Christmas Morning Analeah woke up around 7 am. She was really excited and alert considering the night before she couldn't calm down and go to sleep. She finally zonked about 11:00pm.
En la manana se desperto a las 7. Estaba muy animada y alerta. Se durmio finalmente a las 11 la noche de la fiesta.Analeah "helping" Sofi open her presents.
Analeah "ayudo" a Sofi a abrir sus regalos.

Christmas afternoon we went to the beach. It was a beautiful and warm day. People were even swimming, but it was a little too chilly for us.
En la tarde fuimos a la playa. Hacia un dia muy bonita y solada. Habia gente nadando, pero hacia mucho frio para nosotros.

It was a really fun Christmas. We spent a lot of time together, and that is what makes it special. We missed all of you though and hope you had a wonderful Christmas also.
Teniamos una Navidad muy bonita. Estabamos juntos y esto es lo que hizo especial. Los extranamos mucho y esperamos que tenian una Navidad feliz.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Analeah is a Singer/Analeah es una cantante!

So Analeah loves to sing. She always wants to sing by herself. During Family Home Evening on Monday night, I taped her singing "I am a Child of God" It is a precious moment that we can look back on. Now if I could only get the lighting right, it would be a great video.

Analeah le encanta a cantar. Siempre queire cantar por su mismo. Durante el noche de hogar, Tome esta video de ella cantando "Soy un Hijo de Dios". Es un momento preciouso que podemos siempre recordar. Ahora, si puedo tomar videos con mas luz, podemos ver mejor.


Tickle Time with Papi/Tiempo con Papi

After work the girls can't wait to play with David. I caught this special moment when the girls were tickling David's stomach.
Despues del trabajo, las ninas no pueden esperar a jugar con papi. En este momento las ninas lo cosquilleaban. Estaba muy chistoso!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

She Claps/Ella Aplaude

She Finally Did it! Well, at least she is progressing forward. the quality of the video is not that great, but she is very cute. She will be crawling in the next week or so, or at least I think so. She is getting closer and actually moving a little bit.

Finalmente hizo! Sofia aplaude sus manos. El calidad del video nos es tan bueno, pero pueden ver como es. Ojala avanza lentemente pronto (???) Esta muy chistosa y bonita.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Putting up the Christmas Tree

Analeah helping put up the tree.
Esta ayudandome a poner el arbol.Sofi helped us put up the tree by eating and not crying.
Sofi nos ayudo poner el arbol porque estaba comiendo y no llorando.

The finished product


Random Pictures

So we got out Nuni's BYU outfit that she wore when she was 18 months. It fits Sofia perfectly. She looked so cute, even if everyone thought she was a boy. We got some pretty good smiles from her too.
Encontramos ropa de Nuni cuande tenia 18 meses. Ahora le queda a Sofia perfectamente. Es muy bonita, pero algunas personas pensaron que era un nino con el color azul. Pero tiene una sonrisa bella.
Here is the recent development of Analeah. We rented to movie "Leap Frog Talking Words Factory" She loves it and has learned several words so far. She likes to write on her board and practice the letters.

Aqui es el deserollo de Analeah para escribir. Rentamos la pelicula "Leap Frog Talking Words Factory" Le encanta y aprende muchas palabras. Le gusta practicar a escribirlos en su pizarra.

I caught this special moment just in time. Analeah had climbed in Sofia's crib and they were laughing hysterically. It was so funny. They do that often, such sweet sisters.

Tome esta foto en el momento perfecto. Analeah subio la cuna de Sofia estaba burlando. Son hermanas reales porque cada una le ama la otra.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving With Family

Thanks everyone for such a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a fun time and the girls did too. I wish we had taken more pictures, but if any of you have some, please post so we can see them.

Gracias a mi familia por las vacaciones en Utah para El Dia de Accion de Gracias. Fuimos a la casa de mi hermano Clint. Hacia mucha fria, pero hicimos mucho y estaba muy divertido.

Analeah and Sofia --FRIO!

At the Restuarant! Que Rica!

We had to put this in here just for laughs. David took this picture in the bathroom. What a momento!

Pusimos esto para broma. Comimos en un restarante italiano que tenia estatuas de ninos y otras cosas--ya puede imaginar. David tomo esta foto en el bano del restarante. Es un fuente. Que chistoso.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Love M&Ms!

Sofia found some leftover M&Ms in my purse and before I knew it I found her like this.... hmmmm!
Sofia encontro unas M&Ms en mi cartera, y antes que sabia que paso, encontre a ell asi, con su sonrisa.... mmmmm rica chocolate

To Make you Smile/Una Sonrisa Para Todos

So I bought matching shirts again. Analeah only smiles when I tell her to show her teeth, Our little beaver! Only Analeah can make Sofi smile like that.
Yo compre camisas iguales para las ninas, otra vez. Analeah solamenta da una sonrisa cuando digo "ensename tus dientes" Solamente Analeah puede ayudar a Sofi a sonreirse.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nuestra Viaje a Mexico!!

Decidimos a ir a Mexico esta fin de semana. Hemos escuchado que si parquea su carro en los EEUU y camina a Mexico es mas facil, y menos tiempo. Buscamos en el internet, y es muy facil, o es lo que otros dicen.

Entonces fuimos ayer. Tomamos el camino equivocado y estabamos en Mexico antes que sabiamos lo que paso. Tomamos otra camino que fue horible con carros locos y mucha basura. No habia una salida entonces teniamos a ir por unas millas asi. No estabamos preparados para el cambio tan fuerte. Esperabamos que tijuana fue bonito para turistas. Eramos los Turistas turros! Finalmente encontramos una salida y fue a la ciudad otra vez. Sabemos que Tijuana ya tiene unas cosas bonitas pero no las vimos. Decidimos a regresar a los EEUU y venir cuando tenemos una guia o un mapa. Queremos regresar con mas preparacion! Encontramss el camino corecto y vimos esto

Esperamos por mas de una hora, que hemos escuchado que no es tan mal. A veces es mas de 3 horas. Entonces finalmente regresamos a nuestra California.

Compramos solamente una cosa, una guitarrita para analeah. David la negocio y Analeah le encanta

Our trip to Mexico!!!

So we decided to go to Mexico this weekend, just to see what there is to do, and to say that we've been. We had heard that if you park your car on the US side and then walk across, it is much easier. So we decided to go. We looked it up online, and it seemed very easy. They have some type of plaza just after you cross the border that you can buy things, and eat, etc.

Well . . . We had no idea where we were going, and the next thing we knew, we had missed the exit to park and we were in Mexico. The minute we crossed the border, the organzied I-5 became utter chaos. Soon we were on a road, with potholes and garbage everywhere... and no way to get off. We had no maps, and the drivers were driving fast and crazy (no staying in the lines) Oh, and we didn't have Mexican Car insurance!!!! AAAAGHGHHGH! Even though we've been to some pretty rough neighborhoods in Ecuador, we were not prepared for this complete change of lifestyle. We expected Tijuana to be at least tourist friendly, but, that was not the case. Now, we know that there are some beautiful beaches and things to do in Tijuana, they just weren't where we were. We took a side turn, and we were in the wrong part of town. We decided to just go back to the US, and come back to Mexico with someone who knows, or at least a map to lead us. We do want to go back, but just with a little more preparation!

Anyway, it took us awhile to find our way back to the main roads and then... we saw this... I didn't take this picture, but it is exactly how it looked. We waited in line for over an hour, which he have been told is not a bad time, sometimes it is up to three hours.
So we finally made it across and decided to go home. Such was our trip to Mexico.

We did buy a miniture guitar that David bargained for. It is a real guitar, just Nuni's size.


So Analeah finally learned how to write her A's. She now makes three dots and connects them. She was practicing on her whiteboard in squares that I had drawn. (Thats how I keep her busy. I make as many squares as I can and see how long it takes to draw A's in them.--Ha Ha I use reverse pscycology.
Finalmente Analeah aprendio a escribir la letra A. Hace tres puntos y los conecta. Yo hice cuadors para poner las letras. (Asi la mantango ocupado durante el dia. ji ji ji)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

We made cookies for Halloween. Nuni decorated her own cookie and put all the best things on it! Yummy!!
Hicimos las galletas para Halloween. Analeah puso todos sus cosas favoritos en su galleta! MMMMMMM!
Our Ward Trunk or Treat Halloween Party.
La Fiesta para Halloween en Nuestro Barrio

Our little Ladybug!

Nuestra Mariquita!

Our Little Princess!/Nuestra Princessa!

The Costume Parade
El File de los trajes

Sorry for all the posts. I just needed to catch up on all the things happening around here.
Lo siento para todo las fotos. Solamenta queria poner todas que tenia.