Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here are more pictures of SeaWorld. We loved the whales and Dolfins. They are so amazing to watch. We are definately going back!

Hay mas fotos de SeaWorld. Los encantamos con los delfines y ballenas. La presentacion fue chevre. Vamas a regresar pronto!

Bay of Play--Seaworld

We went to SeaWorld while Mom, Dad, and Cary were here. What an awesome place! We had such a fun day, and the girls loved all of the animals, especially Sofi. They have this new addition called Bay of Play, which is a Sesame Street attraction. They had rides, and all of their favorite characters! We got pictures with Cookie Monster, of course both of the girls wanted Elmo, but the line was too long--we settled for Cookie!

Cuando mis padres y Cary nos visitaron, fuimos a SeaWorld donde tiene un atracion de juegos del Plaza Sesamo. Tomamos fotos con Cookie Monster. Por supuesto las ninos quisieron tomar fotos con Elmo, pero la linea estaba muy larga.


We went to a LA Angels Baseball game 2 weeks ago. David got tickets from a friend at work. We had such a fun time. Analeah ate cotton candy for the first time, and she said that she was sick after eating so much. We had great seats, and the girls loved the fireworks that they shot off after every home run!

Fuimos a un juego de beisbol de los angeles Angels. David recibio los boletos de un amigo de trabajo. Analeah comio algodon de azucar para la primera vez y se enfermo un poquito del estomago. Tuvimos buenos asientos y las ninos les gusto los juegos artificiales! Los acordamos de Pancho y Pocho!

Happy Birthday David

David celebrated his 30th birthay! Mi amor I love you so much! Thanks for being such a great husband and father. I hope you had a great day! I love you!
Celebramos el cumpleanos de David, 30!! Gracias por ser el mejor padre y esposo. Te amo!

Kj and Jessica

My brother Kj and his family (Jess and Holli) came to visit us in July. We had such a great time. Finally another girl to play with ! We went to the pier, beach, seaport village, the Midway, and had a great time hanging out with them. Sorry Jess, I guess I didn't get any pictures with you in them:(. Thanks for coming and hanging out. We had a great time!

My hermano Kj y su familia (Jess y Holli) nos visitaron en Julio. Tuvimos una buenisma semana, finalmente otra ninita para las ninas! Fuimos a la playa, y ver unos sitios en San Diego. Lo siento Jessica, no tengo fotos de ti:(. Gracias por venir!

Dressing Up

First, let me apologize for not posting in a looooong time. We had over 200 pictures on our camera. This summer has gone by so quickly. Our little Sofi has turned into a little girl. She now loves to dress up. her latest modeling shows--Mr. Potato Head glasses, hat and glasses, and of course the swimming floaty ring around her neck. Ha Ha She keeps us busy!

Primero, Lo siento. No he ponido fotos en todo el verano. Habia 200 fotos en nuestra camara. Aqui, pongo fotos de Sofi. Ha crecido grande and le gusta vestirse. Puso los lentes de un juegito, gorro y gafas, y el anillo para nadar. Bien chistosa!