Friday, February 27, 2009

Sofi's oowwwiii

I don't even know how to spell it, but there it is. Sofi had to put her first bandaid on this week. I can't believe she's made it two years without one. I found her with dried blood all over her finger. I had no idea what had happened, because she didn't cry. While I washed it she started crying. Over the next few days I found drops of blood on the door frame, floor, table, so I knew it had bled for quite awhile, but I still have no idea how she got cut.

No se como escribir la palabra. Puse una tirita sobre su dedo esta semana. Lo encontre con sangre seco en su dedo, pero no lloro, entonces no se que paso. El proximo dia, encontre sangre seco en la puerta, el piso, y la mesa, y todavia no se que paso. No lloro, no grito, nada. Pero despues que lavar, lloro, tome este foto:.

This is her sad face. Notice her bandaged finer.
Este es su cara triste y su dedito:)

And Analeah wanted to make a sad face too.:) Analeah tenia que poner su cara triste tambien.

Analeah's Story

This is a little book that Analeah made in preschool. She came home and showed me. She held it up like the librarian in storytime, and with a proud voice begins..."My Family"
Analeah hizo este libro en preescolar. "Mi Familia" Queria leer conmigo, entonces, puso so librito en su mano como su maestro en la biblioteco y empezo..."Mi Familia"This is my Daddy (Which is really funny because she calls David "Papi") He loves books. He decided to read books. (Here she very conspicuosly licks her finger to turn the page).
Este es mi "Daddy" (No dijo Papi, como siempre, pero Daddy) El le encanta los libros. Dicidio a leer libros (Despues alla lamió su dedo para girar la página)
This is Mami. Mommy loves to read too. She loves to sing, and dance, and play with her girls.
Este es Mami, Mami le encanta leer tambien. Le encanta cantar, bailar, y jugar con sus ninas.

This is her girl Analeah. She loves to dance and sing.
Este es su nina, Analeah. Le encanta bailar y cantar.

And this is Sofi. She loves to do what I do.:))
Y, este es Sofi. Le encanta hacer todo como yo:)

I couldn't stop laughing because it's so true. She just follows Analeah around and copies her gestures, cries, play, etc.
No podia parar reirme porque es de verdad. La Sofi, sigue a Analeah y hace todo lo que ella hace. Si llora analeah, llora Sofi. :)

Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

I went to a cooking class for one of our ward's enrichment activities. They showed us how to make whole wheat bread, that actually didn't turn out to be a brick (at least that's how mine has turned out in the past) Enjoy!

6 c warm water (115 degrees)
2 T salt
1/2 c canola oil
1 c honey
3 T dough enhancer (can be bought at health food stores/cooking stores) This is the KEY! It keeps it fresh and light.
2 c bread flour (not all purpose) or 2/3 vital wheat gluten
3 T instant yeast
6-8 c. freshly ground wheat flour

Mix ingredients together in a mixer on high speed to mix well. Turn mixer down to kneading speed and begin adding wheat flour (The recipe uses altogether 14-16c fresh ground flour) until the dough pulls away from the sides of the mixer. Don't add too much flour, the dough should still be slightly sticky at this point.

Knead in mixer for 10 min until dough is smooth and elastic. If it is still too sticky, add a little berad flour until it's easy to handle.

Turn dough onto oiled counter and shape into loaves. This will make about 5 loaves. Place into well greased pans and let rise till dough is 2" above top of pan (about an hour). Be sure to cover with towel. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 min. Take out of pans immediately and cool on wire racks.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I taught preschool this week so we had a Valentines Day party. The kids were so excited the entire day, so we got nothing done, but they had a great time! we made Valentines Boxes with animals on them, Analeah's was the monkey. She got candy and they decorated cookies. She really had fun making her valentines--which were tinkerbell ones that gave each child a sticker--whoo hooo!
Yo ensene a pre-escolar esta semana, y tuviemos una fiesta para el dia de Valentin. Los ninos estaban tan animados que no querian hacer los studios, pero era una fiesta grande:) Hicimos unos cartones para poner cartas y caramelos de los otros ninos. Analeah hizo el monito. Recibio caramelos y hicieron galletas. Le gusto mucho hacar los "Valentines" para los otros ninos. Los de ella eran de Tinkerbelle con stickers.

Her preschool Class, Analeah, Josh, Kaleb, Alanna
Su clase

A couple of weeks ago, David had to open the door to the Bishops Office so the Activities Days girls could "heart attack" his office. Analeah watched in wonder, and I could just tell that she was thinking how "cool" those 8 year olds were. So when we came home, she wanted to do the same thing. So one night, when David was gone, we heart attacked our front door. We made hearts, but then we made stars, squares and ovals too. Hey at least she knows her shapes.
Also, Thanks Mom for making these absolutely adorable aprons. I love them, and so do the girls. I couldn't get Sofi to pose for me, but I still had to get a picture because its so cute. She is so stubborn these days.
Hace tres semanas, fuimos a la capilla porque David tenia que abrir la puerta de la oficina del Obispo. Las ninas del primaria (8-11 anos) decoran su oficina para el dia de Valentin. Analeah queria hacer los mismo, entonces un noche cuando David no estaba, decoramos la puerta de nuestro apartamento. Ella hizo las corazones, pero tambien hizo estrellas, circulos, y cuadros:)
Tambien, hay fotos de las delantales que mi mamo las hizo. Son muy bonitos, pero la Sofi no queria tomar la foto:)

We've Been Sick

We've been sick:( Analeah came home from ballet and just hung out on the couch. She didn't want to play or eat. So I knew something was wrong. She had a fever for almost two days. When she was just getting better, Sofi got sick. The same thing happened only she had a cold all last week. Poor thing, I hate when little kids cough and can't breathe. They sound so horrible, and there isn't that much you can do for them. Clint do they make your nose hose for kids:) Just kidding...Anyhow, they are back to their jolly selves now, and we're glad! These pictures were taken when they were watching a movie, but they both fell asleep. That's how I knew they were really sick!

Hemos estado enfermas! Analeah vino a su clase de ballet y no queria comer ni jugar. Yo sabia que algo ha pasada. Tenia un fiebre para dos dias. Cuando se recupero, Sofi empezo lo mismo. Despues del feibre, tenia un gripe horible. No me gusta porque no hay medicina para ninos pequenos. Pero, ya estan mejor y felices. Las fotos son cuando estaban mirando una pelicula pero se durmieron. Es como yo sabia que estaban muy enfermas.