Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Birthday Princess!

Analeah turned 4! I can't believe it. She is such a blessing in our lives. We had a great weekend, actually celebrating most of her birthday on Saturday. We went out to eat and opened presents then. On Monday we had a little party with another family from our ward. She blew out candles and had a great time. Thanks to all who called. Happy Birthday To our Princess!
Analeah se cumplio 4 anos! No puedo creerlo. Ella es una bendicion en nuestras vidas. Tuvimos una fin de semana grande, celebrando en Sabado y Lunes. Comimos en un restaurante y Analeah abrio sus regalos tambien. En lunes, tuvimos una fiestita con una familia de nuestro barrio. Gracias a todos para llamar y felicitarla! Feliz Cumpleanos a Nuestra Princesa!

Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa
Abriendo regalos de los abuelitosA necessary item for every princess!
Una necesidad para cada princesa! A mini CD player and read along princess storybook
Un libro con musica de los princesas

Bella Dancerella--DVD that teaches ballet moves to the music of Disney Princesses!--Thanks to her friend Alanna and Family.
Un DVD que ensena los posiciones de ballet con musica de las princesas gracias a su amiga Alanna y su familia

A bicycle and helmet--She rode a mile and a half her first time at the park

Una bicicleta y casco--se manejo una milla y medio su primera vez en el parque

I asked her what kind of cake she wanted and she chose cheesecake this year, nothing fancy or extravant. I tried to persuade her to choose an actual cake so I could decorate it but she insisted. So funny!

Le pregunte que typo de torta queria, y me dijo "cheesecake" Trate a convencerla a escojer una torta para decorar per insistio su cheesecake!

And to top off the day, I gave Sofi a bath and then dressed her. I went to get clothes for Analeah and when I came back into the bathroom, there Sofi was being herself! She just wasn't finished I guess! Silly girl!
Y para terminar el dia La bane a Sofi y la puse su ropa para dormir. Fue al otro cuarto para hacer algo y cuando regrese, aqu estaba, sonriendo! No estaba terminada!

Silly Pictures

First Day of Preschool

We decided that Analeah was ready for preschool, so we started a little joy school along with 3 other kids in our ward. With a total of 4 kids, each mother teaches 2 times a month. She goes twice a week and absolutely loves it. They have a curriculum that comes every month with worksheets and planned activities. Here is her first day. It was really bright outside.

Empezamos un pre-escolar para Analeah. Con 3 otros ninos, cada madre ensena 2 veces por mes. Asiste 2 veces por semana y absolutamente le encanta. Esta apriendo todo las letras y sonidos. Y como escribir. Y puede leer unos palabras y escribir su nombre. Estamos orgullos de ella!

A Sad Day

We decided to cut Analeah's hair because it was down to her waist and kept getting so tangled. I was really hesitant to cut it because I didn't want her to lose those beautiful ringlets. She has such beautiful hair. We cut about 7 inches off :(. I was right, her ringlets haven't returned.
:( However she is happier because it's not so hot.
Decidimos a cortar el pelo de Analeah. Fue muy largo y dificil a mantener. No queria porque pense que los rizos no regresaria. Entonces cortamos 7 pulgados de pelo:(. Y no regresaron los rizos. Esta mejor porque no siente calor pero estoy tristo para sus rizitos!