Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve Photo
Analeah in her new dress
Sofi in her new dress
The girls at their Christmas Even dinner. We tried to make it special for them. They actually ate on my china--I know I'm brave. But we survived the dinner with no breaks:)

Analeah poses--and knows exactly what to do.

Opening their Christmas Even gift. David's mother made them rag dolls. In the back there is a zipper where they can put their pajamas. Analeah loved hers and sleeps with it, Sofi on the other hand, prefers to sleep with her little animals:)
Christmas morning, Analeah came to our room about 8am--I know can you believe they slept in! She said that she peeked and Santa had eaten her cookies, and left her a note. Santa wrapped their gifts this year, and we had such a fun time watching them open them. Sofi's facial expressions say it all. She actually understood what was going on, which made it more fun for Analeah also.

Gifts from Grandma and Grandpa!
Sofi opened the box, took one look at the bag full of miniature animals and left the rest of the box unopened. She was so excited and still sleeps with them. Great choice mom!
Analeah posing with her Sleeping Beauty head and a dress from Grandma. She is such a little beauty queen:)
Thanks everyone for the gifts, calls, and thoughts. We had a great Christmas and thank the Lord for the blessings he has given us this year. We've truly been blessed above all for our family and friends.

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Olsens said...

Holy Cow! Are you really due to have a baby in 16 days! Congratulations!! :) Is it a boy or a girl? You need to post pregnancy pictures! I love the Christmas pictures, you have such a cute family!